Representing continuity, growing for over 60 years, Özerden aims to reach all the potential markets, supplying insulation and packaging solutions to provide its customers with a global service and local support.

As a strong player and a trendsetter company, Özerden keeps investing in becoming one of the leading insulation and packaging manufacturers around the globe. The factors to our success are following a customer-oriented approach and efficiency. Our social responsibility is to have a greener future, Ozerden, thrive with its employees to embrace and pursue a longer recyclability cycle by challenging the centralized manufacturing mentality. 


Since our first day, we have been working on the projects for tomorrow. Özerden is among the leading players in its field thanks to its belief in R&D and sharp minds.


Materializing the best projects, that are innovative, functional and aesthetic designs, by working with marketers and engineers whom are expert on their fields.


Searching: and using the most advanced packaging: techniques that the modem technology offers and the best packaging materials is again one of our company's most important duties. Our team and engineers are constantly following domestic and international exhibitions on this matter. The biggest assurance of our company with more than half a century of trade and manufacturing: is the satisfaction of our clients.

Quality From Experience

We define our quality standards with the experience of 60 years, keep them at the highest stage and carry them to higher levels each day.

Customer Oriented Production

We can meet the needs of our customers 100% by offering flexible production and innovative solutions with our high technology production line.

Over Half a Century of Experience

Without compromising being a pioneer in our country and the global market, we are taking solid steps ahead by renewing our experience each day.

Global Expertise Local Support

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