Thermo Bag is a bag with reflective surface to protect heat sensitive products against temperature, humidity changes and other external climate factors. Gussetted and flat bags can be produced with handle, ziplock and closure tape. 

Thermo Bags with reflective outer surfaces are produced in any dimensions using variety of layer combinations such as single bubble, double bubble and PE foam layers.

Thermo Bag
Thermo Bag
Thermo Bag
Thermo Bag
Thermo Bag
Thermo Bag
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  • Provides full protection against all temperature and humidity changes during transport.
  • Maximizes customer satisfaction by preventing your products from melting and becoming deformed.
  • Adds value to your brand with its printed and unprinted options.




Frozen products, dairy products, delicatessen products, chocolate



Online sales distribution

Medicine and Medical


Medicine, vaccine, serum, blood and alike medical material transportation

Chemical Materials


Heat and cold sensitive all chemical materials

In packaging, storing and distribution of all heat sensitive products.

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