Poly Bubble Mailer is a cargo delivery bag with bubble padding liner inside for product protection. It will save you time as you no longer need to cut pieces from a bubble roll and wrap your product. It will save you time in packaging by shorten your packaging process and protect your goods with a nice and unique packaging. You will be able to protect your shipment with a nice and unique solution.


Poly Bubble Mailers are generally produced with peel and seal closure flaps.


Our standard Poly Bubble Mailer bags are produced with soft film liner to help the products easily slide into the bag.

Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
Poly Bubble Mailer
  • Antistatic & Zipper Bubble Bags
  • 3 Dimensional Bubble Bags
  • Bubble Mailer

Antistatic Bubble Bags

It is an ideal packaging for electrostatic-sensitive devices such as CPU's, LED's, computers cards etc. They are commonly preferred to be in pink colour in order to be distinguished from standard bubble bags.



 Zipper Bubble Bags

Bubble bags with zipper system provides practical and multiple usages. It is the most simple and quickest way of packing your goods.

Exclusive products need excellent protection...


We can produce extra large 3D bags for your products to ensure optimum protection. Our special bags will shorten your packaging process and contribute to your company image by its elegant appearance. Coaches, wardrobes. doors and household appliances are being always hard to be packed. Our 3D Bubble Bags are specially designed to provide simplicity in packaging process.


  • Strong and practical
  • Adds value to product
  • Optimizing the material usage
  • Reusable
  • Foldable and nestable
  • Perfect fit



Bubble Mailer

Our Bubble Mailers are ideal and practical packaging solutions for your documents and goods. Its lightweight and economic design help to minimize the postage costs. They are ideal and practical packaging solutions for your documents, jewelleries, gifts, books and DVD's. They come with the peel and seal closure to ensure that your products will be secure during transit.

Standard Bubble Mailers

Code External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Quantitity/Box
A 140mm X 175mm 120mm X 165mm 200 Pcs
B 140mm X 225mm 120mm X 215mm 200 Pcs
C 170mm X 225mm 150mm X 215mm 100 Pcs
D 200mm X 275mm 180mm X 265mm 100 Pcs
E 240mm X 275mm 220mm X 265mm 100 Pcs
F 250mm X 350mm 230mm X 340mm 100 Pcs
H 290mm X 370mm 270mm X 360mm 100 Pcs
J 320mm X 455mm 300mm X 445mm 100 Pcs
K 370mm X 480mm 350mm X 470mm 50 Pcs
L 480mm X 690mm 460mm X 680mm 50 Pcs
XL 520mm X 690mm 500mm X 680mm 50 Pcs


*Retail packs of 5 or 10 are available.

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