• Effective energy conservation.
  • Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic.
  • Growth of fungi, mold and mildew resistance.
  • No need for maintenance.
  • Radiant, convective and conductive heat insulation.
  • Clean, lightweight, easy to install.



Applications Fields



 2.Interior Wall

 3.Radian Floor in Wood

 4.FloorClimatic Room

 5.Crawl Space - Double Layer

 6.Exterior Wall

 7.Garage Door

 8.Water Heather

 9.Work or Hobby Room

  • Technical Data


Lenght EN 1842-2 50m
Thickness EN 1842-2 5mm
Mass per Unit Area EN 1849-2 150 gr/m²
Thickness of Aluminium Film EN 1842-2 6.3 micron
Thickness of PE Layer EN 1842-2 17 micron 
Unit Weight of Bubble Film  EN 1849-2 90 gr/m²
Temperature Range - -20°C to + 80°C 
Fire Resistance Classification EN 13501-1 Class 1 or Class A
Emissivity - %5 - %3
Reflectivity - %95-%97
R-Value EN 16012 2.37m² K/W


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