Human Resources Management Policy

We are aware that the most important element of base of success is human and our “right people for the right job” policy is the origin of our achievement. Our target of Human Resources is to be a company that is desired and preferred by qualified labour force; therefore, one of the components we care is to increase employee satisfaction. The origin of employee satisfaction is the recruitment of human source in each position based on the qualifications of the position and consequently we consider staff members with sufficient experience who have received the education required by the position when evaluate applicants.

On the other side, another essential task is to form the appropriate basis for our employees to improve constantly themselves, to reveal their potentials and to reach their planned career goals. Our base human resources policy is to courage our employees to be always participative and creative, to eliminate deficient points by performing performance evaluation and to reward achievements.


Working Women


Blue-Collar Team


White-Collar Team

Our Organization Development and Fortification Policy

Priorities of Human Resources Management;

  • Examining continuously the organization, human resources, systems and processes and designed in parallel with the requirements in order to establish success sustainability,
  • Monitoring performance of all our employees and evaluating them according to the current and future needs of our organization in the direction of their qualifications and developments,
  • Increasing in-house assignments, promotions, transfer and rotation practices for the development of our personnel and organization.





Salary Management and Rewarding Principles

The Aims of Human Resource Management;

  • To create and generalize a culture that is participant, sharing, transparent, respectful to people and appreciates variation and creativity,
  • To consider the suggestions and expectations of our employees; to upgrade regularly enhancer loyalty approaches,
  • To encourage our employees to manage their own work processes and take responsibility of results,
  • To observe and award the contributions, achievements and high performance of our employees.

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