Ranpak® Paper Cushioning System


  • PadPak® system provides effective solution for every kind of inbox packaging needs in terms of cushioning and fixation.
  • This system satisfies the needs of customers and provides versatile solutions in paper packaging.
  • PadPak® system uses its multi layered kraft paper to protect products and becomes cushioning pads.
  • Paper layers come together inside Ranpak® equipment to convert into paper pads by folding and pressing.
  • Pads can be produced in case of need or can be pre-produced and automatically gathered in a basket.


Özerden Ambalaj is the official distributor of Ranpak®.

  • Ranpak Paper Systems
FillPak TT Void Filling System
PadPack LC Cushioning System
PadPak Senior Cushioning System
PadPak CC Cushioning System


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