It protects your pallet load heat sensitive products against heat changes and impacts during transportation and storage.


Thermo Cover may be produced with desired dimension and material combinations besides our standard sizes.

Thermo Cover
Thermo Cover
Thermo Cover
Thermo Cover
Thermo Cover
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  • Minimizes temperature changes due to external factors during carriage and storage,
  • By virtue of its foldable, stackable and light structure; it provides economy in;
    • Warehousing costs,
    • Transportation costs,
    • Operational internal carriages.
  • Can be customized and printed,
  • Longer protection can be provided with different applications,
  • Water resistant, puncture resistant, leakproof.




Frozen products, dairy products, delicatessen products, chocolate



Online sales distribution

Medicine and Medical


Medicine, vaccine, serum, blood and alike medical material transportation

Chemical Materials


Heat and cold sensitive all chemical materials

In packaging, storing and distribution of all heat sensitive products.


Thermo Cover Velcro

We provide a more practical and long lasting solution by our Thermo covers with Velcro application on sides. It is also possible to use the same Thermo cover for the thermos with different heights by applying velcro on the outer surface of the Thermo covers. Thus, each side can be folded up in order to adjust the height.

Thermo Cover Bottom Mat

The insulation layer placed on the thermo base ensures that your products are fully protected against the hot and cold weather effects coming through the thermo base.

Thermo Cover IBC

It is produced in the size of IBC tanks which are frequently used in the chemical industry. It protects the heat sensitive chemicals from getting crystallized, burned, frozen or lumped inside the IBC tank.

Thermo Cover Breathable

It protects perishable products such as fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers against condensation and harmful rays of the sun during transportation and waiting periods and ensures that perishable products maintain their temperature and humidity levels during transit.


Thermal Insulation Performance Test (30°C)

Measurement Specifications
Reflective İnsulation Foil
Material Thickness
7mm +/- 0,5 mm
Thermo COVER
Test Duration
24 Hours
Test Temperature
30 Degrees
Test Environment
Climate Chamber
Starting Time
4th April 00.52
End Time
5th April 00.20


Test Results

Minimum °C
Maximum °C
Average °C
Thermo COVER İnner Environment
6,9 11,30 9,37
Outer Environment
15,70 30,80 30,40




As a result of 24 hours of measurements made under conditions where outer environment temperature is averagely 30 °C, inner environment temperature of Thermo Cover has been observed to be 21 °C lower than outer environment temperature.


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