Özerden aims to Improve with the Sustainable Future Approach  

 For Özerden, one of the pioneering packaging manufacturers in its field, sustainability is the bottom of all corporate culture and values. We use our deep-rooted production power over 60 years to add value to our environment, economy, society, business partners and agents; we depend on our sustainability strategy on these foundations.
Our greatest aim is to form permanent values ​​by using our resources more effectively without making concessions to efficiency and high quality with all our business processes, investments and organizational structure. Accordingly, we are sensitive to people and the environment while developing new products and solutions that strengthen our competitive power in parallel with world trends.

 As Özerden, we know the expectations of our customers from our products: recycling and the value we place on the environment. The main goal of our product policy is to develop and produce our products in an environmentally friendly way with 100% recyclable raw materials.




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